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A large market in Japan

is waiting for your brand.

There is a market of 126.5 million ​consumer in Japan. 

We will introduce and spread your brand with special care.

We will be in charge of selling to the Japanese market.

​Because Japanese purchasing behavior is unique, it is necessary to develop markets with partners who understand the Japanese market.
The Japanese market also has language barriers.

Our company will handle all the necessary preparation for the sales campaign.

1.Advertising for consumers.

2.Translating user manual and video.

3.Supporting customers after sales.

Our Market Chanels

We will introduce and spread your brand with special care.
1.We have customers all of Japan and support them
2.Next day arriving shipping process in all Japan
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LIT INTERNATIONAL’s Successful Achievement
We have rich experience and have brought several  foreign brands to Japan.

We have imported promising products from all over the world through marketing surveys in the past.
We can promote promising products via Google , Facebook , Youtube and Press Releases to many marketing medium and sell them in major Japanese Online Markets.
We can operate optimal and effective Product Sales Process In Japan Today
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Sales Plan

1. Sign a Contract
We both need to agree with the sales contract which includes wholesale price, delivery date, etc.

2. Preparation

Please provide us with advertisement materials for the products, and we will translate them into Japanese to prepare for the campaign.

3. Test Sales Period

We will implement various types of advertisement when we start the sales. We sometimes use crowdfunding for test marketing.

4. ​Start Full Sale Period

We will make buik order.

5. Preparation for Exhibition / General sales

Attending exhibitions and utilizing our own sales channels, we will start to develop the general sales routes.

We utilize various advertisements and social media to maximize the effect.



Our Mission Make Japanese consumers happy by delivering high-quality foreign products.

Story :​The Internet has made it easier to do business with foreign countries, but there are still many good products that are unknown in Japan, and We would like to introduce them to Japan. ​

CEO After experiencing IT-related and management accounting in company, I started my own import and trade business in 2015. And personally, from an early age, I longed for foreign culture, and while communicating with people from overseas, I wanted to work to introduce an excellent culture to Japan.

Brands Categories :Outdoor, Sports, Travel, Shoes, Bags

Our Partners 

Wika Technology : Camp Stove(Germany)

Geertop : Outdoor gears(China)

Onli Travel : Travel Bags(US)

Mark Ryden : Business Bag(China)

Hero water wear : Personal Floatation Device(US)

Onefoot as : Snow Activity(Norway)

iGPSPORT : Cycle computer(China) 


Thank you very much for your time.

Very excited to work with you soon!!

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CEO Tomoru Kondo 

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